February 25 - Contractors' Workshop for Stormwater Protection

February 25 - Proper Concrete Washout Methods and Pollution Prevention Training

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Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair, 2011

Tippecanoe Soil and Water Conservation District boothTippecanoe Soil and Water Conservation District booth at 4-H Fair. New this year is the rain barrel display that recycles water continuously as it "rains" on the roof and stormwater flows into the gutter system, fills the rain barrel, and is pumped up again to the roof.
Tippecanoe SWCD tabletop displayTippecanoe SWCD tabletop display featuring rain barrel information such as how to build your own rain barrel, showcasing the TCPWQ newsletter, and highlighting how to build a rain garden.
Wabash River Enhancement CorporationThe Wabash River Enhancement Corporation was featured with the TCPWQ to inform the public about possible future plans for the river corridor to be developed. The maps provided a peek into the possibilities.
Shell and buttons donated from the Tippecanoe County Historical SocietyThe shell and buttons were donated from the Tippecanoe County Historical Society. The Wabash River had a once thriving industry of button making by pressing buttons from a machine using the shells of freshwater mussels. This shell dates from the early 1900s.
Wabash River Enhancement Corporation MythBusting WheelThe Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) provided a colorful wheel so fairgoers could play "Myth-Busting the Wabash" by answering True or False questions.  The WREC Education Committee has over 60 questions ranging from water quality to wildlife found along the Wabash.
TCPWQ table (close-up)A close up of the TCPWQ table including Myth-Busting questions, display box of shells, and fabulous prizes.  In the background is a SWCD rain barrel that was painted by a local artist.